My husband and I have always been very sexually active and adventurous I am 27...

he is 35 unfortunately about eighteen months ago he had to undergo a serious operation that would render him unable to have proper sex the outcome was they tried pills and injections, the injections worked but kept him hard too long and he did not like them, he was doing oral, fingers and toys to satisfy me but really I needed cock. One day he advised that he had hired a young country boy and we might let him stay in our granny flat as part of his salary package, he brought him over that weekend to see if he wanted it and arranged a pool party saying this could be the answer for us so put on your sexy bikini and pay him a lot of attention, what a stud he was, once leaving the pool I saw his dick image in his swimmers it was huge and I wanted it in me. He moved in and my husband started going interstate on business quite a lot we had plenty of time to get to know each other and yes we started having sex it was just so great, I really needed that cock in me, even when hubby was home I could go to the flat and get shafted in the best possible way, I love my husband dearly and he does not mind me being fucked. Everything is going fantastic but David is getting a bit home sick, I need him to stay and I need that cock in me

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