Self-Rightous Bitch So there is this woman who owns a local shop. I go to...

her for advice regarding her profession but before I leave, most times she succeeds in making me feel shitty about something or other. I am so sic of it. For some reason I have her on facebook... why? idk... either way I am sick of her shit. A few months ago she informed me I can't moan about anything on facebook (I don't often) because my issues are not as bad as anyone else's (namely hers) and then today she told me I am emotionally abusing my child because I happen to keep some snacks for myself (these are mummy's snacks, these are yours etc) oh and because I happen to collect 80s toys and don't let her play with them and won't let her go into my bedroom without being given permission first. I told a few friends of mine who are parents and they agreed that she is talking bullshit. She had the gall to say to me that she is a parent first, so she doesn't keep anything of her's away from her kids and kept saying that if you choose to have a kid you don't get to have things to yourself. She also said that because I keep things for myself my daughter won't confide in me when I am older which is the biggest load of bullshit. I am fuming and I don't agree with her, I think her views are retarded. Why do I talk to her? why am I so fucking nice to people???

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