I HATE my stepdad!!!!!!!!! I truly hate my stepdad and I am now 29 years old...

and haven't lived with my parents for 11 years. All through growing up my stepfather had depression, anger issues and a tendency to hit the bottle. Even though he was never physically abusive, he tried to hit you emotionally or mentally. I grew use to my childhood-teenage years with him in it, where we all constantly walked over eggshells around him but i really thought it would be different after moving out at 18. Well it's not. Here I am 11 years later at 29 with a three year old (single mom) and I can't even stay at my parent's house for more than 2 days without something coming to a head. His temper tantrum outbursts are and always have been unpredictable. If you say the wrong thing at anytime, it's on. He immediately starts yelling/screaming, cursing, flipping you off and spouting the most irrational bullshit you have ever heard. The last incident was over my toddler who was screaming in timeout while visiting my parents. My stepdad started coming down the stairs yelling about how when his kid cried/screamed at that age he would stratal him and scream "shut up" in his face until he stopped screaming. He had a look and stance after he yelled this that said, you better take my parenting strategy immediately. Well, of course I wasn't about to do that to my son. I personally feel like that is child abuse but I said I would parent my own way and stick to time out because that is my choice and what I am comfortable doing. Well after that s*** hit the fan. I won't go into all the comments he screamed at me but I will say there was an awful amount of cursing and flipping off that my three year old should NEVER had to witness. I knew then I would never go back to visit. He is never going to change. The worst part of it is that I love my mom to death but she is a door mat for him and she get yelled at for everything all the time and will never leave. She doesn't stick up for herself and refuses to try. So even though I knew that she wouldn't intervene that day, it still hurt to know she sat right there and let that happen to her daughter and her grandson. Sooo, yes, I HATE my stepdad and I feel slightly better to confess about it on here.

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