Maria the brat This is not good. I live in an ethnic neighborhood and between my...

wifes family and our friends we seem to know everyone. With my wifes family alone there are 28 relatives that live less than a mile away from us. I have only been married for 4 years and sometimes our house is like grand central station. Family friends and her family just drop in all the time. Now the bad part, my wifes brother George is a hopeless alcoholic and I know he beats his kids and sometimes his wife. When sober you would think he is a real nice guy but when drinking he becomes a nasty drunk. He works during the week but by Friday he is drunk for the weekend. His daughter Maria started staying at our house every weekend for fear of her father. She seemed to be a nice kid and she just turned 16 in June. I work the 4 to midnight shift and by the time I get up Saturday mornings my wife is already out with her sisters for the day. Maria started staying with us on the weekends last March and on September 1st I had just got out of the shower and saw a shadow in my bedroom. Our Master bath is large and the toilet is behind a partition. We have a large tub and also a shower stall that I use all the time. There is no door on the bathroom but rather a cathedral opening. When I walked toward the opening and looked into my bedroom I saw no one but the bedroom door was open. It never is and the only one who could have been watching me is Maria. After I dressed and went down stairs I asked her if she was in my room and mentioned that my door was open. All she said is she thought my wife was here and further explaind she never came in my bedroom but only opened the door. I knew she was lying just by the look on her face and the fact my wife is out with her sister every Saturday until about 4pm. I also knew she watched me shower that morning and did tell my wife about it when she got home that day. I didn't want to get involved with it so I let my wife handle it. Rather than talk to George she had her sister-in-law come over and the two of them sat down with Maria. I stayed down in my rec. room and a little while later Maria came down crying and apoligized for sneaking in and watching me shower. Her mother grounded her for a month and I was pretty upset about it but only made her promise not to do it again. When her sister-in-law left, Maria was up in our guest room and my wife came down to talk to me. Thats when I found out that Maria admitted doing this since spring time and was watching me shower every Saturday morning. This cute kid who I thought was a real nice girl wasn't afterall. The shower stall has a clear glass door so I knew she saw me naked many times and I began wondering if she watched me dry off. I often was naked when I shaved with no thoughts about privacy. Then it dawned on me that I sometimes masturbated while in the shower and realized she peobably saw me doing that also. If she did see me masturbating at least she never mentioned that to my wife or her mother. She still stays with us on the weekends but as soon as I get up I lock my bedroom door and still don't trust her.

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