So this is a long story... its really confusing to write it down.. but just...

wanted to get it off my chest, and need some advice.. So i started dating this guy for 13 days of which we met up only 3 times, and the last time we met, i asked him if he loved me and he said that he liked and that he was not sure about love and that it was too early in the relationship to say that... so i told him that i m kinda taking this relationship a bit serious cuz i previously liked him alot too like when we were in university... so at the end of the convo he was like lets take a break.. i need to think about this ... and i told him that for me its done cuz i think i m not gonna like anyone (thats cuz thats my personality , i am not the person who goes around dating, i dated this guy cuz i used to really like him and i actually tat there could be somthing between us)... i have him as friend on facebook and he is just being normal so am ... i havent talk to him since the last time we i kinda feel weird ... i donno wats happening i still like him and i want him to come bak to me but at the same time i dont wanna make it look like i am desperate and stuff for him... plz advice

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