Whered you guys go All my real friends are gone they all moved away or are...

to busy to just hang out and talk. 2 are whipped by their girlfriends and the other transfered schools now im all alone surrounded by people who pretend to know me, but are nothing more than aquaintances all my real friends are gone and i wish things could be like last year and we could just keep things the same but i know that wont happen. i never wanted change i just wanted the group to stay together and for you all to come back one more time and for us to talk and remember when we were kids and go hiking or for us to hit the beach. but you guys have your own lives and dont care about me and wouldnt even notice if i died youd just say hey wered he go and just go on with your lives and you wont look back. you all left and now im alone with myself and i cant think only of what was. all my friends are gone.

By Anonymous on Murder,
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