Worst party ever So when I was at a party everyone around me got drunk but...

I decided I wouldn't because I needed to do stuff the next day, and my best friend who was drunk, followed me into the toilets and he quickly pushed me into the disabled toilets and locked it so it was just me and him. He was like "I've never told you Mate but I love you and want to be with you alright?" He kinda fell over and I picked him up and he grabbed me and started kissing me. He is stronger than me so he had the better hold. He was kissing me and I pushed him off and said he's too drunk and he hit me. He kept kissing me and everytime I stopped him he would punch me, and it kept happeneing until he snapped and went full out on me. He beat me really badly, until I fell down to the floor and he made me give him a b******. He kicked me in the face, and i remember being conscious but in too much pain to move. He peed on me and threw up over me and left. I was later found by a bouncer who threw me face first into the cement outside. When the party was over a bunch of guys lined around me and peed on me. It was the worst day ever. My best friend didn't remember anything but now I know that he has a crush on me. That sucks

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