Serving a short sentence for a stupid crime I got innocently wrapped up in, I...

made out when I came out to my family, I was a respected hard man inside. In reality within four days I was made to become my cell mates bitch. The second night inside, I was slapped around by two of his "buddies" when I refused to suck his cock. The third night as the lights went out I was offered his mixed race cock again. it was the first mans cock I'd ever sucked and the first cum load I'd swallow inside. That wasn't good enough for the fourth night as he opened what I later found out to be a small amount of butter. After sucking his cock hard I was told to bend over my bunk. No gentleness or caring about my pleasure was even attempted as he first smeared the butter on my asshole, then without wearing a condom, he plunged his cock straight up my ass. It hurt like the bitch I was to become and I bit hard into the pillow I had my head forced into. Only when he'd emptied his balls deep inside my bowels did his hard thrusting stop. By then my dick had become erect and he'd taken every chance to call me his bitch, when he noticed I had a hard on. No sex for the next two nights as he waited for me to get back from a court hearing. I paid for it when I did get back, by firstly swallowing his cum as he rammed his long thick cock down my throat and later after waking me, I took his cock deep inside my asshole again. The difference was, I actually began to enjoy what he was doing to me and as he unleashed his second load of the night up my ass, I came all over floor in front of me. Making me lick up my own cum confirmed if I needed it, he truely was the dominant man. I only served four weeks of the six month sentence I was given, after certain details came to light and I was released, but not before I spent my last night pleasuring three men. The two men who had beaten me on my second night, I sucked them to completion. And my mixed race cell mate who fucked me to an amazing orgasm in front of them both, before he filled my rear with his hot thick cum. My family know nothing of my sexual switch inside, or the fact I've craved to be fucked ever since I got out. I haven't had gay sex since my release, but I know inside myself, my own sexual prison, it's only a matter of time before I give in to those penal needs.

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