At the gym My wife and I were at the gym this morning using the treadmill...

when I suddenly had to use the restroom. The row of 3 shower stalls are right across from the sinks and I noticed as I was washing-up that a well built man was showering with the curtain open. This caught me by surprise so I did a double take and realized he was standing there, watching me wash-up, while he stroked his cock. It was huge, like porn cock huge, and he was built very powerfully. As I turned to leave he smiled and waved me towards him. I don't know why I did it. I've never been attracted to guys, never had a gay experience, not even a MFM 3-some before, but I walked over to his shower. When I stood in front of him he just looked down at his cock, then at me, and I knew what he expected. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his hardness. It was so big around my fingers didn't touch. It was slick with body wash so my hand slid up and down the length easily and I took over stroking it for him. It wasn't a minute before I felt his hand on my shoulder pushing me down. I knew what he wanted, I've done it to countless women - including my wife - numerous times but never done it myself. Still, I sank to my knees until his cock was at face level and took the head into my mouth. It was hot, soapy, and slick, and it was smooth and my cock was instantly hard inside my workout shorts. I stroked and sucked him, my hard twisting up and down the shaft as my mouth worked the bead. His wet hand grabbed a fist full of my hair and shoved half of it into my mouth and throat. I could feel him pulsing, his cum shooting into my mouth, erupting around my lips and dripping on to the tile. I pulled back, coughed and spat most of it onto the floor of the shower as his next thread of cum shot across my face. I quickly cleaned-up, washing his cum off my face and rinsing my mouth. Dried the shower wanted off my knees and legs and got ready to head back into the gym when he stepped out of hte shower and began to dry himself. He said his name was Carl and I introduced myself. He asked me if it was my first time and I told him it was. Then he said he'd meet me there again tomorrow at the same time, I just nodded. When my wife and I got home we showered together. I kissed her hard as I worked a couple fingers into her, then pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. She worked her magic on me, as she has for many a year now, and I erupted into her mouth. She hates when I do that without warning, preferring to jack me off onto her face and breasts, but I wanted from her exactly what I had given Carl that morning.

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