Just read the story about the girl who lets her elderly nrighbor see her naked....

I live in a garden style apartment and my next door neighbor is a young woman, her husband and an infant baby. I'm 38 and live alone and have a dreadful social live ever since I was put on the midnight to 8am shift at work. When I get home in the mornings about 8:30 I strip down and get a shower while the coffee is brewing. When I'm done my shower I don't bother to dress and am naked as long as I don't go out somewhere. I did meet the couple next door but seldom see or talk to them because of my work schedule. Last August I knew right away this girl next door saw me naked through a window on the left side of my living room which is in the back of my apartment. There is also a sliding door but I seldom open it and keep it covered for privacy. I always had the shade up on the window with the window up most of the time. I can't say I was embarrassed to much but it was unintentional. For about a week I bagan to notice she was sitting on her patio every morning around 9 am and moved her table and chair closer to my window. I saw her as she kept glancing into my bedroom. That's when I decided to give her a show and began going around naked. I set a small mirror and could see her watching my every move not realizing I could also see her. I didn't jerk off right away but within a few weeks began masturbating when she was watching me. It continues and she sees me masturbating several times a week. Its generally warm hereso she is always outside as long as its not to cool or if raining. About 7 months ago I re-arranged my living room moving my recliner where she could see it. jerking off I get in the recliner with my legs wide apart. I even bend my knees up and am so exposed to her I should be embarrassed but it only arouses me more. If she didn't like seeing me naked and masturbating she wouldn't be out there looking in my window so often. Its obvious she hasn't told her husband about it. I do see her and her husband sometimes on weekends but I only say hi and seldom talk to them. She has to be in her early 20's and is a pretty girl. Some mornings I just lay in the recliner like I'm half asleep watching TV. I lay back with my legs on the footrest wide open. I keep playing with my balls and penis, get a hard on, let it go limp and do that a few times before masturbating. I look into the small mirror and she is intently watching me every time I do that. She'll sit there watching as long as I am doing it often for a half hour or more. She has turned me into an exhibitionist and I enjoy entertaining her. I do have a decent size penis if not at least average and am built well because of my heavy work at night. She must like watching me and I often see her smiling as she is sitting there.

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