I just found this site an hour ago.  Here goes.  I abused powerless persons; persons unable...

to retaliate.  I also tortured wild animals I was planning on killing for sport in my youth. In first grade, a kid was throwing rocks at me, I knocked him unconscious. I have taken my Lord's name in vain. I still love my first love.  I have dealt with varying degrees of covetousness concerning her ever since she got married in '99.  I have passively pursued her in her marriage in letting our mutual friends know that if whe left him, I will always be there for her. I have been filled with hate anger and unforgiveness for various persons:  My father who abused me, friends who interfered with me and my relationship with my first love, unfair college professors and especially administrators, persons involved in my drug addictions, and co-workers.  I have learned the lesson of forgiveness, but still struggle with hate and anger.  I wasted many years of my life living in drug dens, living off of the independent wealth of my mother.  My relationship with my mother for the first thirty years was based in the majority on lies on my part. I stole $80 from my freshman colege roommate, because I felt he ripped me off on geltabs earlier.  I have changed much in the past two years.  I pray for forgiveness.      

By Anonymous on General,
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