From my childhood to now,I was always told that the grades are very important. "If you...

can't get high marks in each lessens,you may not enter a good high school/university!" "After being graduated,whether you will be employed depends on if you have good grade in school!" Thease kinds of words were spoken out from my parents,my teachers and even my friends. And I sometimes also tell these words to the students younger that I. We all know that we don't have choices. But I really feel tired...... Maybe there are many people don't agree,but no one can't deny this crule fact. Who can assure that the amployers will not judge their employee by diploma firstly?At least in most of situations it's true. In the past 3 years uninversity life,I found I didn't get good enough grade which make me feel apprehensive about the next 2 years before I'm grauduated. Without high marks,I may not enter the graduate school which may attain my dream to be a good doctor. I don't know what would the future will be if I fail to reach aim. WHAT CAN I DO ?

By Anonymous on Questioning God,
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