I have 3 older step Brothers that I never met until I was 17. A...

few years and 2 kids later I moved in with one of them from out of state temporarily. I didn't know at the time but he was on meth. I was so attracted to him. I flirted constantly. I knew he liked me back because of little things. Him smacking my ass and wondering eyes. About 1 month in I moved to my own apartment and went to my dad's house to ask for directions to my job interview. I was dressed in heals and off-white slacks with a fitting blouse. I looked great. My step Brother was there so I flirted with him. I left to my interview and when I got done he was outside waiting for me. I got in his car and we went to the park to "talk". I new he wanted me so I made advances towards him. He never took the bait. Over the course of the next couple years, he'd come over and pick me up to hangout. Once we went to his place. He headed for the shower with the door open but on the way he turned on some porn for me to watch. I turned it off. Once I came to his place and he was swimming in the pool, asked me to get in. I knew we'd fuck if I did so I said no. He got out removed his suit and came into the living room sat next to me on the couch in nothing but a towel and pulled it out started rubbing it and turned on porn. OMG I wanted to fuck him so bad but I never did. I totally regret it because his cock was beautiful. My husband even told me to do it. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you my husband knows about all of it and thought it was hot.

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