I don't know what I had done. It's not a big mistake, not a deadly...

event, or anything. I think I broke my hair stylist's heart today. At first we were talking,,,joking and everything, when he was cutting my hair. However, I don't know what was wrong with me today. I got his work number wrong. His number is 18, and when I walked in the salon I said I wanted number 17 stylist. When everything was ready I realized that I had the wrong number. I always asked for number 17 in that salon before. But that was a long time ago and now I changed. When he asked me why I asked number 17. I simply laughed it off and told him I forgot......I think it was a big mistake, because after I said this, he became silent. The atmosphere was very weird, cuz we were laughing at something funny a second ago, and after one question, he was silent. I didn't know why he took it so seriously. Maybe I did make him sad. Today was the second time I asked him to cut my hair.

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