I stole money from my last employer and they didn't even care. I was hired...

first as a receptionist at his office then I was offered babysitting when they were 2 etc when the couple wanted to go out and as my boss he knew me well and trusted me often with security to his house and car and the running of the office with another worker and partner in the team, and suddenly before I knew it was basically a full time nanny and house keeper and personal secretary from home when his wife left him with 2 young boys of the age of 3 and 6 , we went on holidays over about 4 times to different places and the children were no trouble at all. I loved the job til he found a new girlfriend and she was making my life hell and his kids hated her so I took some money and left and I am so glad the kids give her a hard time because she is such a bitch and has wacked up his expense account with all her luxuary needs. I am jealous a bit because we did sleep together a few times but he didn't care that I took a few hundred to pay off a loan and he said he would give me a great reference even when this bitch rides his ass with her dildo every night and I know one day he will get sick of her and ask me back.

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