2-in-1 Revenge Confession (Long, TL;DR at the end) ​ I think r/confession is the best place for...

this. ​ Edited: To fix alphabet story formatting, easier to read but still long. ​ Landlord Entitled Roommate Asshole Neighbor Asshole’s Son Asshole’s Daughter My dog & I ​ This all started a few years ago, I moved last year & this the worst experience I have ever had living with others & neighbors. The part 1 is on the home situation then I will get into the part 2 with the neighbors, then conclude with glorious revenge on all of them. ​ Part 1: In the Home I was renting a room from a friend who co-owned a townhouse, we will call him Landlord. Prior to me renting, there was a family of...

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