Waxy skin obscuring thighs, muscular Shone upon by the light, crepuscular. Persuer, nerdy. You plead, “don’t hurt...

me” The words explode from mouth most uvular Choked, and choking, airway squeezing Until in twain you’ll surely be cleaving Flexing knee, extending hip, curses from your mouth shall drip Out they are coaxed by hairless thighs, heaving. Phallus and testes briny, ground on your face A sensation of tingling in your special place Death by nerd thigh, not a bad way to die Orgasmically floating through space. Your lungs fill with air, but you know with your luck That will not be all that you will suck For the length so erect and balls, of hair, bereft Slide into your throat, and then buck Forth and back, using you Nasal voice, accusing you Of being...

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