***How my parents see me*** 1• Single girl, not really looking, but dates occasionally. 2• art student...

(broke but won't take their money) 3• virgin 4• bit ofsocial activist because of my youth mostly (they are fine with that) 5•future commercial/corporate artist 6•doesn't do drugs or smoke tobacco 7•health nut 8•they think I'm a vegetarian who cheats some. 9•only drinks at social occasions 10• think I would never dream of getting a tattoo. 11• might want a kid one day (they hope I'll will) 12• very modest 13• I'm social Democrat (heaven help me) 14• Have older male friend I went on a few dates with to be nice, but actually he was too old for me. He is still in my social circle, but we don't talk one...

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