Fair disclosure. I am an NPA (no party affiliation) 16 year old kid who...

is NOT from America. The following are my opinions…I realize that there are many things I might list as pros that others see as cons, and vice versa. ​ **TRUMP**: Pros: 1. Very decisive. Donald Trump will, generally always make decisions very quickly. 2. Very self confident. 3. Unfettered by common conceptions of morality 4. An atheist (I challenge anyone to demonstrate that he is in any way Christian or has adhered to any religion) 5. Has a certain charisma 6. Speaks in easily understood language 7. He is very loyal to his base Cons: 1. Very decisive…inconsistently 2. Too self confident. Believes he is ‘perfect’ 3. He has no moral compass at all. His...

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