From Wikipedia: "***Jay's Journal*** is a book presented as an [autobiographical]( account of a [depressed](

teenage boy who becomes involved with a [Satanic group]( After participating in several occult rituals, "Jay" believes he is being haunted by a [demon]( named Raul. The book is based on "true" events of 16-year-old Alden Barrett from [Pleasant Grove, Utah](,_Utah), who committed suicide in 1971. Some critics have challenged the [authenticity]( of the story, noting that the editor of this book, [Beatrice Sparks](, has filled the same role on many other "actual, anonymous diaries of teenagers" that explore such sensational themes as [drug addiction](, [teenage pregnancy](, and [prostitution]( These books, the most well-known of which is [*Go Ask Alice*](, serve...

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