Just an fyi, I'm FTM trans. I get MTF and FTM, FTI, MTI, etc but...

I'm talking about ''genders'' that are actually just fetishes like ''clovergender'' and ''clowngender'' or ''godgender'' where the pronouns are ''god/godself'' and for ''clowngender'' it's ''honk/honkself'' (yes, I've actually seen all of these on sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit) Like if I were to say to a kindergender or clovergender man that they are a man and not a 5 year old boy, that'd be considered as ''misgendering'' in my area because they call their identity/fetish a gender. In Scotland you can be sent to prison simply for offending someone. I'm a pretty feminine guy but I won't call the police on...

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