Important Characters: Me: Storyteller (M21) Roommate: Ben (M20) Ben's dog: Winston Ben's GF: Erin (F21) Ben's Ex: Taylor (F20) Taylor's BFF:...

Jayden (F19) ​ Tl;Dr: Through a series of events, tensions between myself and my roommate rose drastically to a point where he demanded I do things for him, and I told him no. ​ Chapter 1 We begin in August 2019 at the beginning of the school year. I am entering my Sophomore year and recently got paired with a random roommate in a two bed, one bath dorm. My best friend from freshman year, and supposed roommate, ended up dropping out over summer. Sad times. I go to school in the middle of the country and campus is in a small town of 60,000, not...

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