My mother watches 3 kids from the neighborhood everyday after school. Two of them are...

only first and second grade boys and the other one is my sister friend Lily who is in 7th grade. I am a freshman in high school. My mom keeps the two boys down stairs with her all the time but Lily and my sister are always in my sisters room. On Tuesdays my sister goes for her piano lesson and Lily is always alone in my sisters room. Last year I started letting Lily see me naked when I came out of the bathroom. My sisters bedroom door is always open even when my sister is there. Her room is across the hall from my room and I would leave my door open far enough for Lily to see in my room but only on Tuesdays. I started to masturbate when I knew she was watching me. One Tuesday I could see she was watching me and masturbated. About an hour later Lily knocked on my door. She never said anything about it before but told me she saw me naked all those times and has been watching me masturbate. She suspected I knew she was watching me and said she should tell my mother about it. She told me that the only time I do it is when my sister gets her piano lessons. She didn't seem mad at me but told me I was doing it purposly. I denied it at first but then admitted that i was and that it got me aroused that she could see me. She did tell my sister that she saw me naked but never told her I was jerking off. I just told her I couldn't help it and asked her not to tell on me. She promised not to and then told me she didn't mind looking at me. The next Tuesday she was in my sisters room again and I just went in my room for awhile. When I walked out she looked at me and asked me if I was going to masturbate today. I wasn't sure how to react when she said that and was not going to do it in front of her anymore. I asked her then if she wanted to see me do it and she said only if I paid her. I don't have much money so half joking around I told her I would give her a dollar. When she said ok I almost fainted. I asked her if she wanted to come into my room to watch and again she said ok. I locked my door incase my mother came upstairs and started to get undressed. For the first time I was embarrassed, maybe because she just stood there watching me and I was no longer controlling it. When I was naked before in front of her it was different. I took off all my cloths and layed on my bed putting lotion on my penis. She was smiling and almost laughing at me and sat at the foot of the bed. I started to masturbate and it took me longer than usual to get a full erection. I never jerked off with a girl that close to me before and I could feel myself blushing over it. It took longer than usual for me to finally cum and she stared at my penis the whole time and would asked me how it felt and if I liked her watching me. Now every week I give her a dollar and she watches me jerk off. We talk all the while I'm doing it and now I have to slow down so I don't cum to fast. I can tell she likes watching me just by the questions shes asks and the way she smiles at me. I have asked her to touch my penis a couple times but she won't do it and told me she just wants to watch. I did make her swear not to tell my sister about it and don't think she can now because I give her the dollar every week. She now asks me to stand naked in front of her sometimes and just looks at me. When I'm on the bed naked and masturbating she has me spread my legs open and makes comments about my penis, scrotum and tels me outright she can see my anus sometimes. She mostly sits at the foot of the bed and just constantly talks to me. It is well worth the dollar I give her and it is thrilling to have her watch me. I hope one of these days I can get her to touch me or better yet jerk me off.

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